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Day of the Pulse Poster by deanfenechanimations

Dark Angel was a hit TV series, first aired back in 2000 and was later canceled in 2002.

Ever since though, many fans of the show have been struggling to get FOX to bring their beloved show back.

The newest campaign is called "Day Of The Pulse"

This is the latest blog on The Dark Angel Network's myspace… :

"We need to search with more energy for people in the USA (best around L.A. or on the west coast) who can represent us there on the "Barcodeday" and "Day of the Pulse". Anyone who can take the lead and the organization on our behalf there.
Because i think nobody from Europe or the rest of the world can afford a trip to Los Angeles on this dates. Sadly but that's the reality.
Therefore when there is a fan from the USA who reads this, and is willing to help us in any way pls post here or get in contact

The people we're searching for should be than someone in charge of for example where the meeting place will be, or someone in charge of Allison Lightning's idea of the scene reenactment, someone in charge of contacting the tv news and news papers, someone in charge of hanging up day of the pulse flyers and posters in university and high schools all around LA, someone in charge at looking at the actual legal side to it (see what we need to do about protests, ect) we need actual protesters. Look if 20 people decide to go, and they bring another 10 to go with them, that’s already 200 people so this is a word of mouth thing.
And we're helping these persons from here as much as we can. You'll be all the time in direct contact with us.

Another thing we can do is send our letters like on the Barcodeday and Day of the Pulse, but not directly to FOX, we send them to someone (another person we need to recruit) and he/she will present all the letters that are being sent to him in a huge mail bag and present them in front of the FOX building, this way we know for sure that the letters will arrive. And we can take pictures and videos from the whole actions out there so fans from around the world see what's going on.

All other fans, which are not from the USA can help us with the search! Contact fans from the USA; you maybe know and ask them about it.
In case you're a fan from the USA and cannot go to this event, no matter why, than you can also help with trying to contact other fans from there.

So spread the message, stand up and start to fight for what we want. This year 2009 is special guys, our actions and campaigns which we wanna do in L.A. is serious!!!
Of course, other things take place around the world but rather are private"

They also have a petition they will be utilizing in their campaign. You can see/sign that petition here:…

now post this around all you Dark Angel fans and pass it along. If you need anymore info, please refer to these sites:

Eyes Only Online:…

Dark Angel Network:

Dark Angel Network Blog:…

'Day Of The Pulse' Dark Angel Campaign by RSR-Productions

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metalgearhead123 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009  Student General Artist
its an ok show
deanfenechanimations Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009  Professional General Artist
we need a lot of help in LA. if you are interested got to -> [link]
C-GFX Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
My God ! I thought i was the only one who sits and watches this :D BRING IT BACK !
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February 24, 2009


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