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December 11, 2008


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Okay, so today I decided to go see what the whole drama was around this random chick who traces art. I see that she does it only for attention and nothing else, and it has a lot of people very pissed off.

And you know what? Positive or Negative, she is getting WAY too much attention. Whether it's people calling her a 'real' artist, or the majority just bitching her out. Every time we view her page, she gets another pageview, which gives her more incentive to stay even longer.

I've concluded, that all those who hate her, need to be the one's who leave her alone. We're giving her TONS of attention! TONS! We're in fact just perpetuating the very thing we hate!

We want her gone, right? So what to we need to do? Choke her out. After all, we know her weak points; pageviews; favorites; devWatches and comments.
+ Don't go to her page.
+ If you accidentally faved something of hers, REMOVE IT.
+ Don't comment on anything of hers.

Another thing that promotes her is our bitching and venting about her. Naturally, you would name names, right? So if you can, any comment or journal or anything that you can remember posting ANYWHERE, if you can hide it, or delete it, do it. Because when people see how angry you are at her, they will go to her page and find out what she's all about. Hence feeding her pageview monster.

I know this following statement may piss many of you off, but we may need to remove her Encyclopedia Dramatica article. Because that is REALLY making her stick out.

If anyone can, if you can contact the original copyright holders of all the animes (or some) that she has copied, and let them know what she's doing, that would get her stuff deleted. I mean seriously, if Viz media comes banging down dA's door, you better believe they aren't gonna want her anymore. This would be pretty hard to pull off, so I think the majority of us should worry about warning people not to go to her page and completely ignoring her. If you can somehow contact any of the copyright holders to Death Note, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, or any other anime that you know she ripped off, please do.

If you are coming into this, wondering why the hell everyone hates her, I'd suggest that you read this article:… It is the most descriptive I think there is. But please AVOID VISITING HER PAGE AT ALL COSTS. That is something we all; as a community should do.

Like sunlight to a plant in the window, we'll slowly block her flow of pageviews and choke her out. It's the only way people, I hope this was helpful.

Ending Tracerella, for RSR-Productions

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emiooki Nov 3, 2010
umm you might want to look at this, I am afriad this might be Tracerella again [link] she has the exact same vectors as Vamperella......I just wanted to warn you all
RSR-Productions Nov 24, 2010
Yeah, I know. :|
how do u report devenatios?
I checked the score :iconicameplz:

k-zumi: 42 | Vampirella87: 4 (they don't accept two photomanips lol)
I have send to dA a lot of messages with the original pics and they have deleted a lot of pics from V87's gallery :iconicameplz:

k-zumi: +20 (lol I forgot it) | Vampirella87: 2

two because for some weird reason they don't deleted those: [link] [link]

But I'm wining :iconicameplz:
This is an automated message concerning a deviation which you previously reported, entitled A Stolen Moment/No Sense just Sensibility/Hey Gal/Strawberry Eyes/Inner Tension. A member of staff has reviewed your report and the deviation has been removed.

Additionally, the following comment was provided:

Immediate action taken.

Thank you for your report.

-- deviantART Staff


I send to dA the original pic next to her version, so they decide to delete them, I get the original pics from her article in ED but I don't send more pics because I don't want to bother the dA staff xD maybe I could send more later, or maybe someone could help me too :D

Just need to cut the pics (because they come in groups) search her deviation, report and send the direct link with the pics :D
AFrozenHeart Feb 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys! ive checked her page and journal and shes out from Da! 8D she left it but moved to other site *duh*
RSR-Productions Feb 9, 2009
AFrozenHeart Feb 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
hell yeah! 8D now the other site got that trouble on their head XD
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