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Check back here for any updates: :D

It took us a while to pick only 3 out of all the awesome entries to this contest, but at last we announce our top 3 winners for the "You've Got The Music In You" contest!

:trophy: 1st :trophy:
Art is Life by ZaHawK

:trophy: 2nd :trophy:

:trophy: 3rd :trophy:
Tears in heaven by katherinebaker

Congratulations everyone! :dance:

Honorable Mentions:
Living Dead Girl by X-GloomCookie-XUndisclosed Desires by riceforbreakfast Feels Like HomeI sat on the warm sand, watching the fiery twilight sparkle over the blue water. Warm summer air blew around me, sending pleasant shivers throughout my body. My clothes billowed around me, caressing my pale skin. Slow tears slipped down my cheeks, falling to the front of my shirt. I pulled my knees to my chest, burying my toes into the sand, wiggling them and getting the small grains between them. Soft waves rolled closer and closer to my feet, lapping away at the sand. I leaned back, sliding my hands behind my head, lacing my fingers through my hair. Small stars dotted the sky and the moon hung low as if it was held by a cradle of strings.
The dulcet whisper of his voice replayed in my mind like a soundtrack, refusing to let the sounds go. Behind my eyelids, vivid pictures flashed through my mind, like flipping through a scrapbook. I imagined that the wind hurtling around me was his arms, encompassing my body with his.
Hot tears streamed down my cheeks, my heart pounding its way out o

Mizu no Madoromi by dracoinuI'm Here by bludog613Closer to love... by lostgab
:thumb155614150:I Wanna Be Your Dog by glsolo:thumb155602860:
Fireflies Owl City animation by overthinkingHalo by N30N-KITTY
Watch my world Disolve... by NicoleDaneyAngel of Vengeance by Mami02:thumb155442578:
Glance at the sky by hyoris Your Friends Are GoneShe holds herself close as she sees them walk away. It's all over now as those she cares for disappear and the night surrounds her as she screams in pain and sadness. Anguished from her lonely predicament, she cries.
If only she had stayed hidden inside. If only she could have lied.
The vulnerability of her is shown when she shed her clothes and they left her alone. No one wanted to know the truth. No one really cared.
Covered in the cold frost of the night, naked and frozen, she watched the stars shine to remind her of the mistake she had made. She was so alone.
Never again will she show herself; never again will she be vulnerable.
Chasing CarsI lay here, on the sweet grass
Lost in your hypnotic blue eyes
We're surrounded by flowers
Scent overpowering our senses
But I can't see them, only you
Just the two of us, together
Content in each other's arms
Mere words just aren't enough
To show how much I love you
So I kiss you and snuggle closer
You've seen me, the real me
And it has brought us closer
So as the world just fades away
I ask of you, my one true love
Please stay with me, forever

Time After Time II by Sabathe:thumb154909985:Comptine D'un Autre Ete by Soulfighter
:thumb154823116:LEARNING TO FLY by aerendialPrivate Dancer by Grishhak
You're still the One I Love by Fashionista07Stever-- COLLAPSE by lexophile42
Odd Man Out by X3bunnYT Nobody Likes You
"Nobody likes you…"
The lyrics, they mock me.
They sting, they hurt,
They intrude my loneliness.
"Everyone left you…"
They're just random words
That Mike sings, right?
Then why do they speak the truth?
"They're all out without you…"
I don't want to be reminded
That I'm stuck in here
And these walls are closing in.
"Having fun."
I wish I was,
And you weren't.
But it just won't go like that.
shattered one by RestlessWolfSpiritLady in RED by Rave-Light:thumb154291612:
Fur Elise by xSakuraSyaoranxMelodious Memories by DarkchildhOn The Edge by Blue-Chan-San
Stop Now by kazeleeAnnie by bbobrocksNever Looked So Beautiful by EternalTale
Never Looked So Beautiful by EternalTaleBehind The Scenes by graphiqualreeds by JudasKiss4
S H O G U N by rockerdish AutophobiaAlice opened her eyes wide, suddenly awake.  Odd, she didn't usually wake up so suddenly or so completely right away.  But her body was stiff with tense muscles and her breath was heavy with a pounding heart.  Adrenaline was burning like scalding coffee in her chest, creating a strange feeling.  It was like useless terror overshadowed by triumph, and it was already fading into the recesses of her mind as whatever dream she had been having faded away.  
After throwing off the covers she walked into the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom.  She flipped on the light switch and took a quick shower.  As she started to blow dry her hair, her eyes suddenly darted up to the mirror, searching.  She had thought she'd seen something strange in the mirror.  Something...not her.  Alice smiled and shook her head slightly, dispelling the silly notion.  But then it happened again, and when she lo
Failure By Design by musikfreak202
That Girl by Pippi929dreams bursting at the seams by Lya-z0rzlesXDyou've got the music in you by XdezzychanX
:thumb152111424: AnguishI keep pushing myself.
The bass is making my ears bleed,
Hips churning to the snare and hi-hats,
My spine feels like it is going to snap,
If I don't heed this sound and just dance.
I say a prayer to my absent God,
Throwing myself headlong into reality
Extending myself through space,
Remove the air from around me
So I can breath finally!
I lock my shoulders and sidestep a blast
From the bomb of synths that promised
To take my head clean off
If I hadn't felt the rhythm shift.
I never miss a drop.
I never miss a stall.
I can't make myself move off-kilter to the bass line
The kick drum throbbing in my heart
Pulsing my feet in time.
Music runs in my veins,
It's my drug.
It couldn't hide from me if it tried.
We are one in the same,
Sisters, music and I.
And you have me...
I'm hypnotized,
I can't pull myself away.
Even when I feel you taking pieces of me,
Torturing me and leaving me breathless,
My sweat smattering across the floor
Like blood, my very life force.
A Time In-BetweenToday I was driving down the road
Snow gently started falling on my windshield
My favorite song came on
I turned it up daringly loud
And sang without abandon
To me it was a song
Of growing up and loosing innocence
It was sweet and carefree
But sad at the same time
I can't help but smile
It reminds me of my life before
The life out of this small town
With friends and family in college
Dancing on Friday nights
Studying over pizza on Sunday nights
I had to leave that life behind
Abandon my dreams to the wayside
Work two jobs at home
In this small town
To support my family
Here I realized I am back at the in-between
I live I work I sacrifice for my family
I have no regrets for doing so
Yet at nineteen
I don't see myself fully an adult yet
I deposit my check at the bank
Pocketing my pocket cash for the week
Mentally calculating which bills could be paid off this week
Calling home to see what we needed from the store
And yet
Once the phone is hung up
My song came back on
Blaring it as loud a
Naturally, photo-manip by XxXPixelPerfectXxX:thumb151550841:
Infinite Night by SquazerArt:thumb151404204:

Thanks again to everyone who participated! I'll be posting a feature of all of the prize donors next, so stay tuned! :D

'You've Got The Music In You' CONTEST WI by RSR-Productions

/ ©2010-2016 RSR-Productions
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Ravenhart Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2010
Congrats to the winners!
NaruZeldaMaster Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010
PS: Here's what I would've entered if I actually remembered they said 'any' media just for kicks XP [link]
NaruZeldaMaster Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010
Yay, at least I got mentioned xD Hmm I'm gonna go ahead and do a music video next year though if they do this next year :S it could be around the same time XP
dracoinu Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010  Student General Artist
congrats winners! ^^ I loved this contest it was fun ^^!
RSR-Productions Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010
bludog613 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010  Student General Artist
Congratulations to the winners~! It was a fun contest :)
RSR-Productions Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010
bludog613 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2010  Student General Artist
ZaHawK Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010
woow..i din't think for a moment that i'll come out 1st :omg:
there were many great artworks and i think the judges had a difficult task to choose only 3 works.
thank you, and congrats to all the contestants :w00t:
RSR-Productions Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010
Yeah, we spent a good amount of time on it too. ^^;

Welcome, and I agree, congrats everyone! :D
katherinebaker Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010

Thank you!
I came 3rd Place! :D
Thanks! :blush:
RSR-Productions Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010
Yep! :D
You're welcome.
Asher-Bee Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
very awesome :woohoo:
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congrats to the winner!
kilos2 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010
ArtisnotanAccident Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats to everyone.
Allegro-Con-Anima Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010
yay, congrats to all the winners!
AsumaAshley Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010
Gratz to the Winners!
xTalithax Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:faint: Thank you! I really didn't expect that at all
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