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February 14, 2010


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Check back here… for any additional updates! :D

Updated with a few things I want to point out to the people who are entering:

:bulletred: You MUST submit your work to the designated folder:…
Click "Submit to this folder", select "Contribute existing deviation" if you've already submitted your work"

:bulletred: You MUST at least put the title and artist of the song you made your work for in your comments. You will be disqualified if you do not.

:bulletred: ONE ENTRY per person! Do not submit more than one work! If you want to switch which work you submitted, please let an admin know.

:bulletred: Work must be inspired from a SONG, not just music in general.
:bulletred: Work must be a NEW work made for the CONTEST.

That's it, have fun everyone. :D


This will be the first contest hosted by 100-songs! :dance:

So, let's get down to business.

:bulletpurple::dj-designs:THE THEME:dj-designs::bulletpurple:

So, the theme of this contest is you pick one song, and then create a piece of art of any medium (lit included!) to express what the song means to you.

:bulletblue::orange:THE JUDGING:orange::bulletblue:

Judging will be done by all of the admins at 100-songs
Your work will be judged by how well you communicate to the viewer what the song means to you.

:bulletred::rzero:THE RULES:rzero::bulletred:
:bulletgreen: One entry per person

:bulletgreen: No pornographic works. Please keep your works rated PG-13.

:bulletgreen: Any medium! This includes literature, drawing of any style, vector, photo-manip, photography, sculpture, whatever you prefer to work with!

:bulletgreen: Original art only! No fanart, fanfiction, or cosplay.

:bulletgreen: You must submit your entry to this gallery folder at 100-songs…

:bulletgreen: All deviants can enter! You don't have to be a member of 100-songs, and there are no advantages or disadvatages if you're a member or not. :)

:bulletgreen: Don't forget to leave a link to the song you chose and the contest article! :D

:bulletgreen: Be sure to put the title and artist of the song you were inspired by.

:bulletpink::trophy:THE PRIZES:trophy::bulletpink:
NOTE! These are the prizes as of 1/22/10! Check back at this blog entry to keep up-to-date!

ishizusv Request and 1 month feature
WickedWriter 1 month subscription to dA
RSR-Productions 1 month feature + request
ka-te feature 1 week, winning work + 4 others
Khamomile-Tea Photomanip request
IskaDesign Request
IskaDesign 1 month feature
KawaiiCheruChan Two week feature in journal
KawaiiCheruChan Two week feature in dA-Addictions page
KawaiiCheruChan "index card sized" commission (inked and colored)
quikshadow Full color request
Lya-z0rzlesXD 1 month 10 piece feature

WataDrag Feature for 1 week
TenshiAkane Request, photo/lit
ka-te feature 1 week, winning work + 4 others
dA-Addiction 1 week feature
Khamomile-Tea Photomanip request
IskaDesign Feature 1 month
KawaiiCheruChan Week feature in journal
KawaiiCheruChan Week feature in dA-Addictions page
KawaiiCheruChan "index card sized" commission (inked and colored)
Kasai-Yokai Request (drawing)
Lya-z0rzlesXD 3 week 7 piece feature

KawaiiCheruChan 2 week feature
ka-te feature 1 week, winning work + 4 others
Khamomile-Tea Photomanip request
FuzzleMint Request
LilithianRose Sketch Request
IskaDesign Feature 1 month
KawaiiCheruChan Week feature in journal
KawaiiCheruChan Week feature in dA-Addictions page
Lya-z0rzlesXD 2 week 5 piece

(If you have a prize you'd like to donate, please note RSR-Productions or 100-songs)

:bulletorange::pointr:THE TIME:pointl::bulletorange:
Entries are being accepted between January 22 and February 28, giving everyone a little over a month to get their entry done.

Good luck everyone! :dance:


Annie by bbobrocksNever Looked So Beautiful by EternalTaleOn broken wings i'm Falling by Nikki-Sixxteen
Behind The Scenes by graphiqualreeds by JudasKiss4Shoot Myself To Love You by LyDeea
S H O G U N by rockerdish AutophobiaAlice opened her eyes wide, suddenly awake.  Odd, she didn't usually wake up so suddenly or so completely right away.  But her body was stiff with tense muscles and her breath was heavy with a pounding heart.  Adrenaline was burning like scalding coffee in her chest, creating a strange feeling.  It was like useless terror overshadowed by triumph, and it was already fading into the recesses of her mind as whatever dream she had been having faded away.  
After throwing off the covers she walked into the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom.  She flipped on the light switch and took a quick shower.  As she started to blow dry her hair, her eyes suddenly darted up to the mirror, searching.  She had thought she'd seen something strange in the mirror.  Something...not her.  Alice smiled and shook her head slightly, dispelling the silly notion.  But then it happened again, and when she lo
Failure By Design by musikfreak202
:thumb152111424: AnguishI keep pushing myself.
The bass is making my ears bleed,
Hips churning to the snare and hi-hats,
My spine feels like it is going to snap,
If I don't heed this sound and just dance.
I say a prayer to my absent God,
Throwing myself headlong into reality
Extending myself through space,
Remove the air from around me
So I can breath finally!
I lock my shoulders and sidestep a blast
From the bomb of synths that promised
To take my head clean off
If I hadn't felt the rhythm shift.
I never miss a drop.
I never miss a stall.
I can't make myself move off-kilter to the bass line
The kick drum throbbing in my heart
Pulsing my feet in time.
Music runs in my veins,
It's my drug.
It couldn't hide from me if it tried.
We are one in the same,
Sisters, music and I.
And you have me...
I'm hypnotized,
I can't pull myself away.
Even when I feel you taking pieces of me,
Torturing me and leaving me breathless,
My sweat smattering across the floor
Like blood, my very life force.
That Girl by Pippi929dreams bursting at the seams by Lya-z0rzlesXDyou've got the music in you by XdezzychanX
Kings And Queens by 30StM by Kat12293 A Time In-BetweenToday I was driving down the road
Snow gently started falling on my windshield
My favorite song came on
I turned it up daringly loud
And sang without abandon
To me it was a song
Of growing up and loosing innocence
It was sweet and carefree
But sad at the same time
I can't help but smile
It reminds me of my life before
The life out of this small town
With friends and family in college
Dancing on Friday nights
Studying over pizza on Sunday nights
I had to leave that life behind
Abandon my dreams to the wayside
Work two jobs at home
In this small town
To support my family
Here I realized I am back at the in-between
I live I work I sacrifice for my family
I have no regrets for doing so
Yet at nineteen
I don't see myself fully an adult yet
I deposit my check at the bank
Pocketing my pocket cash for the week
Mentally calculating which bills could be paid off this week
Calling home to see what we needed from the store
And yet
Once the phone is hung up
My song came back on
Blaring it as loud a
Naturally, photo-manip by XxXPixelPerfectXxX
Pianist by GiuppePTen Thousand Fireflies by Zarducklast day of summer by gutsun
:thumb151550841:You fill my heart by PutYourBraveFaceOnInfinite Night by SquazerArt
A Word is Worth 1000 Pictures by Shadows-and-RainbowsTears in heaven by katherinebaker:thumb151404204:

"You've Got The Music In You" CONEST UPDby RSR-Productions

Journals / Deviant Events©2010-2014 RSR-Productions
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Sorry, the contest ended the 28th of February. :(
XxDrawnThisWayxX Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
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Y'know, one of #100-songs affiliates is holding a similar contest. If you want, check it out here: [link]
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I think I will join :D
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I will join this 100%!!! i am right now in the middle of a writing piece for this, and it is perfect!!!! great contest idea!!! <3
BGAgraphix Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I wish we could submit old works too :(
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